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The Project

A beautiful and forgotten building, nestled in a field of sunflowers in the French countryside - with a wonderful secret.

The new custodians soon discovered its history and contacted the author and specialist of the Knights Templar, Tim Wallace-Murphy. On seeing the photographs, Tim instantly made the journey to La Grange where upon he was convinced of the importance of the tower in conducting initiation ceremonies for the Knights. 

La Grange is important not simply because of its grand old age, the first recorded history of the building was when it was gifted to the Knights Templar in 1250.  It is also important beacause of why it still stands, the history that we know and the history that has been lost over the years and the romance that intrigues us to fill in the gaps. Some evidence of the Knights are still evident even now such as the carvings of the Flower of Life, some is presumption based on other similar historical sights and some is research. 

On finding La Grange, the main tower hadn't been lived in for hundreds of years. A crumbling fireplace and an old stone sink marked an area where people once lived. 

Scorch marks showed the shocking fact that the main tower had been hit by lightning hundreds of years ago and an old surviving painting in the office of the Maire shows La Grange in its grander days when it had two more floors, an explanation for so many of the heavy beams in the ceiling.

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