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The Heroes

These are some of the people who's skills, sweat and time have been used on this project.
If you're reading this website or even better, if you hold one of our brochures in your hands, you are part of the team of heroes. 

The architects who were impressed with the original building, structural engineers who shook their heads with concern, historians in love with the history, planners, builders, sweepers, shovelers, dreamers, realists and YOU.

Here we would like to honour you all, if you are a recent hero, please send us your photo and we'll add it here and on our social media pages. 

Hover your arrow over the photos to see some of our wonderful Supporter Heroes, people who are now Knights of La Grange Des Templiers and some of the people that have helped to save and restore this incredible building. If you become a Knight of La Grange des Templiers, we would love to add your photo to our Heroes gallery. 

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