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Knighthood Titles from La Grange des Templiers are not just the perfect present for yourself & others, they are a completely unique opportunity to become part of a legend that began in the 12th Century.


By purchasing a Knighthood & Title the recipient is able to use the title Sir or Lady, they are also becoming part of the history of an ancient and historic building where the Knights once lived, slept and protected their pilgrims on their journeys.  


The recipient becomes part of the legend of the Knights Templars and can choose numerous membership styles that range from the Brochure to individually handmade Coins, beautifully Personalised Hero Tokens and also the stunning Limited Edition Plaque Sets


For more information about La Grange des Templiers, it's history and restoration - you can find more details on our other pages.


This Pack Includes:


The Knights Templar Coin:  A 70mm Coin, hand made & laser etched in tribute to the Knights Templar, bearing the 2 riders on one horse insignia.  

  • Made from the beams and floor boards of the tower where the Knights once walked and slept.


Colour Brochure:  A beautiful 16 page document detailing the history of the building, the Knights Templar, preservations and renovations project.


Certificate:  Personalised with your new title & name for your Knighthood of La Grange des Templiers.


Coat of Arms:  Exclusively designed for & by La Grange des Templiers


The Knights Oath:   A rousing and spectacular dedication to the Knights for you to frame.


Deed: The document of intention to change your title to that of Sir or Lady (Country dependant)




At La Grange we like to offer a very personalised service.


If you were unable to add the full name or text to your order or maybe wanted something more personal - contact us directly and we'll
personalise something just for you.


Did you know that we also offer personalisations on
the rear of the Limited Edition Plaques?


You could choose;
A Happy Birthday message
A Loving Valentines message or Short Poem
A Congratulations message to some Newlyweds or Anniversary

& Even recognise your own Knight in Shining Armour for being someone special


Just drop us a message and we'll make your Knighthood as personal as is possible

* All sizes are approximate.


** All wooden items are salvaged remnants taken from within the tower.  They are individually cut to size, treated and then personalised with a laser etching machine.  Each item is then sanded and hand waxed before packaging


*** All personalised Products are Hand Made at La Grange des Templiers and then shipped from southern France


About La Grange des Templiers:
La Grange des Templiers is ancient building with an incredible history, she was discovered nesting in a field of sunflowers in southern France. Historic documents showed the building had been gifted to the Knights Templar in 1250  and the Knights had left their marks in numerous secret carvings throughout the tower..


The renowned historian & author Sir Tim Wallace Murphy visited the tower and when he saw the carvings said "This is of deep esoteric significance" 


Sadly La Grange was hit by lightning and lost her top two floors. Rain had poured in and the building eventually became a wreck. An english couple became passionate with the history and the romance of it all, they decided to breathe life back into the old tower and have over many years invested their hearts and souls into her revival - we now want to share this with you.


You are not just buying a Knighthood & Title.  You are becoming part of the history of this building and with your name being placed into a time capsule - you are becoming part of that legend.

Templar Coin Pack

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