An incredible piece of history, unique and limited - (7cm x 4.5cm)


  • Wrapped in a soft velvet pouch will be a unique tablet of wood crafted from one of the old beams in the tower and personalised with the recipients name and their new title of Sir or Lady lazer etched into it.

  • A matching tablet of wood placed into a time capsule within the tower walls for as long as it takes to be discovered. ​

  • Your personalised certificate of Knighthood of La Grange des Templiers.

  • A beautiful 16 page colour brochure, detailing the history of the building, the Knights Templar, preservations and renovations project 


  • La Grange des Templiers, Coat of Arms to frame.

  • The Knights Oath, a rousing and spectacular dedication to the Knights intentions for you to frame.

  • ​A ready prepared deed of intention to change your title.


Golden Hero Pack


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