The Beautiful Flower Of Life Coin:  A 70mm Coin, hand made & laser etched bearing the insignia of the secret flower of life carvings discovered hidden within the stone walls of the tower.  

  • Made from the beams and floor boards of the tower where the Knights once walked and slept.


Colour Brochure:  A beautiful 16 page document detailing the history of the building, the Knights Templar, preservations and renovations project.


Certificate:  Personalised with your new title & name for your Knighthood of La Grange des Templiers.


Coat of Arms:  Exclusively designed for & by La Grange des Templiers


The Knights Oath:   A rousing and spectacular dedication to the Knights for you to frame.


Deed: The document of intention to change your title to that of Sir or Lady (Country dependant)

Flower of Life Pack


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