Golden Heroes Couples pack.  

An incredible piece of history, unique and limited - (7cm x 4.5cm each)


The perfect gift for a special occasion.


  • Wrapped in a soft velvet pouch, one each, there will be a unique tablet of wood personalised with the recipients names and their new titles lazer etched onto it.  Sir or Lady, Sir and Sir or Lady and Lady, as you wish.

  • A matching tablet of wood placed into a time capsule within he tower walls for as long as it takes to be discovered. ​

  • Your personalised certificate of Knighthood of La Grange des Templiers.

  • A beautiful 16 page colour brochure, detailing the history of the building, the Knights Templar, preservations and renovations project.


  • La Grange des Templiers Coat of Arms to frame.

  • The Knights Oath, a rousing and spectacular dedication to the Knights intentions for you to frame.

  • ​A ready prepared deed of intention to change your title.


Golden Hero - Couples Pack


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