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A secret uncovered, The Flower of Life.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The Knights Templar Hold

There were many reasons not to buy La Grange, not least the cost of saving it. For what? For who?

We visited the building many times, becoming more drawn in and increasingly excited about the history and intrigue and what we began seeing as endless possibilities.

Obsessed or Possessed?

We knew we were becoming obsessed with the old tower and as the mysteries slowly unveiled before us and we began to wonder if we were obsessed or being possessed by the ancient building,

Then we found it, the carving. We didn’t know what it was but because it had been so carefully hidden, we knew that it must hold some significance.

Now what you must remember is that we’re just an ordinary couple, with no interests or links to the Knights Templar or anything historical or even vaguely spiritual.

When we found it we were surprised but didn’t know what it was so we did some research it and there turned out to be a lot on the subject.

Some stones had fallen away from one of the thick walls, a bit lower than head hight and when we looked into the gap they had left we saw a carving. It had been carved in relief onto one of the ancient beams and then hidden with stones being secured all around it. The carving was of what we now know to be called The Flower Of Life.

The Flower Of Life

Then it dawned on us, how special this building had once been.

We already had historical information from the Marie office that told us the building had been gifted to the Knights Templar in 1250.

The building stands in the perfect place, on the route to The Camino de Santiago pilgrimage way. From here the Knights could do their job of protecting the pilgrims. As we knew nothing about the subject we decided to contact a well known historian and author, an expert on the Knights Templar.

I wrote an email, roughly describing La Grange and to our surprise a few hours later he replied asking if he could come and visit.

Of course we were delighted and the elderly expert arrived a few days later with a companion to drive him. The name of this author and expert on the Knights Templar is Tim Wallace Murphy.

On driving down the long drive where La Grange sits alone, Tim fell very quiet. Entering La Grange he declared that the building was likely to have been of great importance and probably used in initiation ceremonies. Then we showed him the carving and he began to have trouble breathing, he said he’d only seen this twice before and was in no doubt that the building was of great esoteric importance. Because Tim was breathing so fast we began to get a bit worried for his health. Plus the building was a mess, floors were missing and what was there I had already put my foot through twice. Tim was very bright and his intelligence shone through but he suddenly looked frail and instead of being able to question him endlessly about the building like I was desperate to, we guided him out.

I questioned him a little more and he felt the initiation purposes he’d mentioned earlier were perhaps for new Knights entering the order.

Tim and his driver left and we were again overcome with the history and the mystery of La Grange.

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