The Heroes

Below are just some of the Heroes of La Grange des Templiers.  Some have bought Knighthoods for themselves or their loved ones, others have visited and a few have bought their skills, broken sweat & dedicated their time to this project.  If you've purchased or been gifted Knighthoods and now reading this page, then you are part of the team of heroes and part of this legend. 

The architects who were impressed with the original building, structural engineers who shook their heads with concern, historians in love with the history, planners, builders, sweepers, shovelers, dreamers, realists and YOU.


Here we would like to honour you all, if you are a recent hero, please send us your photo and we'll add it here.   

* If you are trying to find a specific Hero quickly, click ctrl+alt+f and then type in their first name.

Sir Chris & Lady Kate
Fearless Heroes

The mad English couple caught up in the history and romance of saving a very special building.
Sir Johnny & Lady Ashley
Supporter Heroes
Sir Gary & Lady Heidi
Supporter Heroes
Sir Toby
Realist Financial Hero

We didn't listen to him.
Sir Sebastian
Supporter Hero
Lady Holly
Supporter Hero
Lady Lily
With strength in your smile and love in your eyes, we hope if you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
you dance.
Sir Hamish
A Brave Knight, loved and missed.
The Hamish Family
Behind the smiles are the bravest of Knights. Love and courage is the armour of heroes.
Sir Tim Wallace Murphy
The inspirational historian and author who explained the esetorical meanings of the carvings within the building.
Sir Jed & Sir Charlie
Jed and Charlie Sweepers and Movers of the 850 years of dust in a hot French summer.

Simply Heroes.
Sir Vaughan & Lady Ellison
Photographic Gurus and Heroes with thoughtfulness, passion and care.
Lady Louisa
Supporter Hero
Lady Danielle
Supporter Hero
Lady Frances
Supporter Hero
Sir Philippe
Supporter Hero
Sir Paul & Lady Gemma
Supporter Heroes
Sir Matthew & Lady Jeny
Supporter Heroes
Lady Maddy
Supporter Hero
Lady Deborah
Hero in Heaven
Lady Juliet
Supporter Hero
Sir Reg
Supporter Hero
Lady Carla
Supporter Hero
Lady Stephanie & Sir Dave
Supporter Heroes
Lady Amber
Supporter Hero
Lady Jill
Supporter Hero
Lady Linda & Sir Dave
Supporter Heroes
Lady Jean Cameron-Baxendale
Supporter Hero
Sir Jim
Supporter Hero
Chain Gang Heroes
Simply chained to the job.
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Lady Jane Bennet
Sir John D Hawley
Lady Paige Burrows
Sir Timothy E Martinez
Lady Mary
Lady Jo Johnson
Sir Ian
Sir Michael
Lady Lara May
Lady Kendra & Sir Louis
Lady Fiona & Sir Paul
Lady Vicki & Sir Andy
Curious Heroes
Lady Ellie & Sir Stuart
Lady Pat & Sir John
Lady Gabriella & Sir Richard
Sir Mark, Sir Chris & Sir Vaughan
Sir Andrew
Lady Kate & Sir Colin
Sir Percy & Lady Isabelle
of Chateau Lalande
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